January 27, 2011

Tetris Attack: Froggy

This is my fiftieth post and Froggy is the ninth entry in my Tetris Attack bead sprite set. He is apparently a frog pirate in Yoshi's Island. And Prince Froggy in said game is a very interesting boss. He swallows Yoshi  who then escapes through Froggy's intestines. o_0 About as weird as Yoshi's digestion/reproductive system anyway. Eat enemies -> make eggs?
And speaking of frogs, I have been doing a lot of that on my Hogwarts Crest. I keep making counting errors which I can't say happens very often. Frustrating. I think it's because Slytherin truly is evil...I hope to have an update early February. Also, I finished the stitching aspect of the biscornu I've been working on. I will teach myself the sewing part tonight and share the result here soon.


Fiona said...

very cool looking bead sprite. I am so jazzed to see this biscornu!!

bikyclist said...

These are totally gorgeous; and I love Kamek too!

I hate making counting errors, I've been making a few good ones lately too :( Good luck with the crest!