February 26, 2011

A New Work in Progress: Oracle of Seasons Link

This is my second Link of the year. I haven't had much for variety so far. Lots of Yoshi's Island and lots of Zelda. This stitch however is for charity. It stitches extremely fast as it is a Gameboy Colour sprite and only 12 colours. I've edited the sprite quite a bit  and recharted since I first posted about it. The original image is Link on Epona from the opening cutscene. I removed the reins that appeared in the crop. There were a lot of random pixels and oddly placed colours as well.

By the way, I love this game. I only had Pokemon Silver and Oracle of Seasons on Gameboy Colour now that I think about it. I guess I wasn't much for handhelds until the GBA SP and NDS. Anyone remember using a flashlight to play Pokemon Red/Blue in the dark? Anyway!
I want to finish this one as soon as possible because my brother recently asked for another stitching. He wanted something Donkey Kong related and I spent some time working on SNES patterns. Then I showed him the Brawl sprite. Needless to say, my next project is yet another Abysswolf sprite. It will be my largest project yet and I'm excited to work on something huge. =P If the fabric ever gets here, that is.

February 19, 2011

Be My Jill and Vincent Valentine

This is my entry for the Sprite Stitch February Challenge: Unlikely Partnerships. These two came to my mind first for the exact reason that their last names are both...Valentine. Yeah, it's a little lame but I wanted to be far removed from the inevitable Mario/Zelda pairings. Plus, Jill would massacre Vincent if he appeared before her in one of his other forms, though he looks pretty creepy here. =] They make a very unlikely couple and I am pretty satisfied with my entry. Jill Valentine is from the Resident Evil series and Vincent Valentine is from Final Fantasy VII for those not in the know. Go play those games now. ♥
The sprites are from the Card Gallery; mad props to those wonderful artists. I haven't stitched a Card Gallery sprite since last summer so it was fun to revisit them. The letters are charted based on Redensek, my all time favourite font.

Be My Jill and Vincent Valentine
Sprites by Card Gallery
Started: February 6, 2011
Finished: February 16, 2011
Fabric: 14 count baby pink aida
Colours: 44
Size: 2020 stitches

February 14, 2011

Robo + Atropos Valentine

I've been wanting to stitch this sprite for a long time and this Hallmark holiday was an ideal opportunity. Robo and Atropos from Chrono Trigger are two robots in love. How romantical. ♥ I stitched them on baby pink DMC aida. I made the stitching into a simple card for V-Day. I hope to keep up the tradition of making one per year.
Robo + Atropos
Chrono Trigger
Started: February 1, 2011
Finished: February 4, 2011
Fabric: 14 count baby pink aida
Colours: 20
Size: 1061 stitches

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

2/19/2011: I edited this post to upload a better photo. This photo captures the subtlety of the pink fabric much better and the colours look more true. 

February 13, 2011

Jill Valentine

Since this stitch is taking me forever and it really should be done by now, I thought I would post an update. Here is Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series. I started it on Super Bowl Sunday and finished only her boots. Yesterday I finished the rest. Seeing as the theme for this challenge is "An Unlikely Partnership", anyone care to hazard a guess as to who her partner is?

February 12, 2011

Baby Mario Bib

I recently found a stitching store just outside my city. Michaels was the only option before so I was pretty excited to go. I found a bib that was perfect for the upcoming baby shower. I also picked up a chart called Pan's Shadow which I plan to stitch soon! I will usually only make my own charts but I really fell in love with this one. It was made for me to stitch. ♥
I had this Baby Mario sprite from Yoshi's Island in mind from the beginning for this project and this is my first time stitching an NDS sprite. They are bigger than SNES sprites and have more colours in the gradient. I really like how he turned out. Also the father is a big Superman fan and Mario has a kind of Superman pose going on. Kind of.
Baby Mario Bib
Yoshi's Island
Started: February 11, 2011
Finished: February 11, 2011
Fabric: 14 count white Sal-Em
Colours: 16
Size: 515 stitches

February 7, 2011

Tetris Attack: Lunge Fish

This one is a cautionary tale. I used three different brands of beads on this guy and they all melt at different rates. Perlers melt the fastest, then PhotoPearls, then Hama. Also PhotoPearls are a bit smaller and thus don't fuse together as seemlessly. The ironing is quite terrible; I was very rushed. >_> I may have to redo it as it has distorted quite a bit.

Lunge Fish is one of those things that is so ugly, it's kind of cute.  Lunge Fish is one of those things that reinforces my fear of water. o_0 I wonder who actually chooses to play as him in Tetris Attack?
Only three more of these bad boys to go and I'll go back to beading my favourite thing, Pokemon! Also I finished my Valentine stitch on Friday but am waiting to post it until the 14th. =] I didn't get much done yesterday on my Unlikely Partnership.

February 6, 2011

An Unlikely Partnership Preview

I recently received the Jobelan fabric ordered for some upcoming projects and I love the colours. I'm excited to start working with them. The purple is "Wood Violet" for Valefor and the green is "Dusty Green" for Pokemon Trainer. I'm feeling experimental in my fabric colour choices this year. Also pictured are my new Gingher Stork scissors. ♥ I bought them after misplacing my Lion's Tail ones.  They have since been found but I am in love with my new ones.

And as the title of the post suggests, I have somewhat of a preview for the latest Sprite Stitch challenge. The theme is Unlikely Partnerships, a sort of anti-Valentine. There will be 44 colours in this piece stitched on 14 count baby pink aida. Another hint is that it will involve Card Gallery sprites! Now I'm off to watch Super Bowl XLV and start stitching. =]

February 5, 2011

And power-hungry Slytherin loved those of great ambition

Finally! The Slytherin section of the Hogwarts Crest has taken the longest by far. The snake is  the most intricate animal of the four and filling is a lot faster than constantly counting. Add that to excessive amounts of frogging which led to me to want to bead instead of stitch. It turned out very nice however. All of the house sections are now complete leaving the, frankly, boring parts left. I'll do the Latin banner across the bottom next.

I have much to do in the meantime though. I just found out I was invited to a baby shower two weeks from now. I will likely dig out some waste canvas for a onesie or a bib.
Skein count: 2 black (#310), 1 medium topaz (#783)

February 3, 2011

February 2011 TUSAL

Pretty colours this month. Lots of purple from Dark Toon Link, green from frogging hours of work on my Hogwarts Crest, and various bright colours from my Yoshi's Island Biscornu. I have three stitching projects planned for the rest of this month. One is a small Valentines card, the second is an "unlikely partnership" and the third is my Zelda charity square. Hopefully, I can finish all three before the 28th.
TUSAL jar contents: Hogwarts Crest, Psylocke, Dark Toon Link, Yoshi's Island Biscornu
TUSAL backdrop: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess