January 16, 2011

Dark Toon Link by Abysswolf

Link is all washed and ironed after finishing him late last night. He's my first finish of the year and I quite like him despite my issues with the fabric. The original pattern is slightly longer width-wise and the final piece is much longer length-wise. =P I was impressed with how linen irons out though. I usually let it sit  for a bit after washing but this time I ironed straight out of the water.
Dark Toon Link
Sprite by Abysswolf 
Started: January 7, 2011
Finished: January 15, 2011
Fabric: 32 count natural linen
Size: 4049
Colours: 34

I will continue to stitch my Hogwarts Crest next. Slytherin is calling in Parseltongue.


Dawn said...

He is really cool!!
Nice change to the regular green link!!

EveningEmma said...

He looks great!
I think the choice of fabric really makes the colours pop.

Cibo said...

Just cool =)

Blu said...

Great finish!