October 30, 2010

Hogwarts Crest Update I

I recently discovered Final Fantasy: The 4 Warriors of Light and I haven't been stitching much lately...  >_> But I did get a good start on my Hogwarts Crest by Little Mojo. This project has been a little different for me with its large blocks of single colours. Also, it is my first large project working with evenweave fabric. I am enjoying it more than aida as the actual stitching is much smoother. Next I will tackle the Ravenclaw portion as it's my favourite house. ♥

October 17, 2010

Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon

My next project will be the Hogwarts Crest designed by Little Mojo via The Leaky Cauldron. I will be changing the colours a bit. To me, Hufflepuff should be yellow and Ravenclaw is better suited by the current colour for Hufflepuff.

This will be the largest project I have done as yet, the final piece measuring approximately 18"x20". I'll be using mushroom-coloured 28 count evenweave fabric. There are only 12 colours; very few compared to what I usually stitch. I imagine I might not finish this all in one go. It may turn out to be a long-term work in progress... =]

Deku Scrub Link is Jazzy

Deku Scrub Link is my favourite Link! He is so cute twirling around and stuff. ♥ Anyway, I guess he is the brass section of the band. Goron Link is coming up sometime in the future. He is about the same size as Deku Scrub Link and Zora Link combined so it will take a bit longer...
Also of note, the Sprite Stitch July/August Alphabet Challenge was finally put to vote. Blackmageheart and I tied for second because we are awesome. =]

October 14, 2010

No More Green Peace

It seems I have been stitching a lot of cleavage lately. o_0 Here is Poison Ivy from The Adventures of Batman & Robin on the SNES. Because I had already stitched Harley Quinn and Catwoman, I had to finish the third Gotham girl as well. I really like the pin-up look of this sprite. I just wish Batgirl was in this game. One thing about sprites from this game though is they are very dark. I had to brighten the original image significantly to make it more vivid.
Poison Ivy
The Adventures of Batman & Robin
Started: October 10, 2010
Finished: October 13, 2010
Colours: 14
Size: 1960 stitches

October 11, 2010

Rozalin by Abysswolf

I have finished my largest stitch to date! Special thanks to Abysswolf for creating this gorgeous sprite. Please visit his Deviant Art page. The Disgaea series of games is hilarious and awesome and should get more recognition in North America. Everyone, go dust off your PS2. =]
Sprite by Abysswolf
Started: August 30, 2010
Finished: October 9, 2010
Size: 8894 stitches
Colours: 25

I do plan to frame this one but it may take awhile to get it custom-matted due to its odd size. And no more black aida for a while...  >_>

October 9, 2010

Zora Link is Rock N' Roll

Here is a progress shot of a previously abandoned stitching...I have no idea why I gave up on this one because it is pretty rad. =] Maybe it has something to do with the 52 colours involved. o_0

The sprite is designed by the very talented pixel artist Orkimedes and you can visit his Deviant Art page here. Majora's Mask is my favourite Zelda game so when I saw this sprite, I had to stitch it. With bad ass, metal, guitar-playing Zora Link finished, I will start Deku Scrub Link next. Deku Scrub Link is my favourite thing ever. ♥

October 7, 2010

Let the "Totally Useless Stitch Along" Commence!

Anything deemed "totally useless" is something I can get behind. The premise of this little project dubbed "TUSAL" is to collect stitching throw-aways, place them in a container and post a picture of said container every new moon. For me this will entail thread-ends only, not left over thread. More information on this madness can be found  here and here if you are interested in joining or whatnot.

Here is my contribution for the October 7, 2010 new moon. It consists solely of my Final Fantasy VI and Rozalin stitches. Purty. =]

By the way, taking photos of glass is the bane of my existence.

October 6, 2010

Rozalin Update VI

Only one page left to go for my Rozalin project. This will likely be the last progress shot before completion. The stitch is approximately 10" tall and 9" wide. It's going to be fun finding a frame...
And I must confess I have a few WIPs going on at once. Normally I like to finish one thing before starting something else but alas! One is a bead project that keeps getting trampled upon by cats thus making it a bit of a disaster. The other is a stitch I unearthed today that I started back in February. It is a sprite by Orkimedes of Card Gallery fame. I'll post a progress shot when I have finished one of the characters. I will primarily be stitching that one at work so progress will be extremely slow.

Also, I recently gathered all the materials required for my next big project. And it is big. It is a pattern by the infamous Little Mojo that will celebrate my favourite book series of all time and a sexy new movie coming out November 19th. What could it be?!

October 3, 2010

Rozalin Update V

I haven't stitch very much last week but I thought I would post another progress shot. I feel like this stitch is taking forever having done so many small projects lately. My fifth update of Abysswolf's Rozalin:
I did get my bead order in the mail so I may throw together a new bead sprite in the next day or two. My palette went from only Perler colours to Perler, Hama and PhotoPearls. Exciting. =]