January 21, 2011

Super Mario Bros. Bead Sprites

I've been stitching in the hand lately and that has resulted in some wrist pain. =[ I've taken a pause from stitching and  busted out the tweezers and pegboards. I received a bead order a few months ago and started on a large bead project. But it was constantly trampled on by a certain cat whose door-opening stat is maxed. And I had made a counting error somewhere and it was very much ruined. I may attempt it again some day.

Anyway, I have not done much 8-bit art, barring my Bowser Valentine. Also from Super Mario Bros. on the NES are these sprites, made into magnets for a birthday present. I think if I were to open an Etsy store or something similar, I would make these sorts of items.

In the centre, of course, is Mario. Clockwise from the top left, Cheep-Cheep, Lakitu Cloud, Bullet Bill, Spiny, Koopa Shell, and Goomba.

1 comment:

Fiona said...

so cute :) I love looking at bead sprites :)