January 15, 2011

Dark Toon Link Update II

Link's Master Sword is stitched. And his little body. I've been stitching like mad lately. I feel like I set some pretty ambitious goals for the year. It's only January and I feel like I'm running out of time. =P Only his shield remains.

And I officially hate this linen now. I guess it's just the brand I picked because I've seen some lovely work on linen before. The stitches are noticeably skewed vertically, making everything much more elongated and just, off... Live and learn, I guess. Only Link's adorable boots keep me from going into an adamantium rage.


Flossy said...

That is so cute, I love it :) Did you chart this?

riotpatch said...

Yep, I make all my patterns using MS Paint and/or PCStitch. Very high tech. =P

Flossy said...

awesome! I love PCStitch :D