May 9, 2011

Donkey Kong Update IX

Oh hai! I'm still alive and finally have another update. This is very last one before he's finished. He's a bit cut off because if I took him off the scroll, he may never get back on. One little foot left!
Now, I invite you to visit the Pokemon Patchwork Gym. It's a blog detailing our massive quilt project. All squares for the first generation have been claimed which is pretty exciting. Hopefully my contribution will show up there soon. ♥


Joysze said...

Ooooh, you're almost there, Karyn. He looks so cute!!!! Does your brother know he's getting this?

Karyn said...

Yeah, he asked me to make it. If he didn't like it, it would probably be a UFO by now. =]

Anonymous said...

Damn, that looks awesome! Hope your bro likes it :D
And thanks for the link to the Patchwork Gym blog! ^^

Blake said...

Donkey UFO??...I'll take two please:)