May 22, 2011

Donkey Kong by Abysswolf

Donkey Kong is finally done! All credit goes to Abysswolf for his amazing pixel art that I so love to stitch. ♥ I am pretty happy with this finish and my brother is excited to hang it up on the wall. I still need to get it custom-framed which is something new for me. I will probably take Rozalin and get her framed as well. Honestly, if my finishes don't fit into a readily available frame size, they don't get framed.
Donkey Kong
Sprite by Abysswolf
Started: March 19, 2011
Finished: May 10, 2011
Fabric: 28 count black Jobelan
Colours: 16
Size: 12985 stitches

I already have another pattern based on his art kitted and ready to go. I do have to knock out the Pokemon patches first, however. There is also another Sprite Stitch challenge for which I may do something small and Assassin's Creed related. With the new Harry Potter film coming out soon, I've been thinking about working on my Hogwarts Crest. This month's International Hermit and Stitch Weekend is happening now and I am working on none of these things. =P I will have an update tomorrow detailing my progress on a new start.


Aurelia Eglantine said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on your finish of the very handsome Mr. Kong! He turned out super spiffy, glowy eyes and all ;)

And I know what you mean about ready-made-frames. A lot of my works are odd sizes too, or I want to finish them in odd ways, and so I do most of it myself. But finding the right frames is a challenge. I mostly do the second-hand store search for that. And so it often takes me forever to actually finish works, lol :)

I know that Michaels does custom framing, and often has coupons for that. The store here carries super giant size uber-poster frames, which you may need. But before you chose anyone, ask if they have experience with framing needlework and ask to see samples or pics, if possible. It needs a whole different treatment than a poster or print. Sometimes smaller framing shops are more skilled. You can take in your work to get quotes first and then compare prices. Best of luck!

P.S. Rozalin is gorgeous :) Your stitching is beautiful!

Anne said...

Congrats on finishing Donky Kong!! He looks awesome! Just so you know, Michael's framing is expensive even with the discounts. For my Geisha girl (a small piece) the cheapest frame was $60 with the coupon! The frame didn't look like it should cost that much, so I declined. What I do is hunt around for frames in 2nd hand shops (Value village, Salvation Army, SCPA thrift mart). You would be amazed at how cheap they are and I kinda like the hunt. I have found tons of interesting and good frames that I can use for future projects. There's some great framing tutorials around, and if I was at home I would link it to you but I don't have the website on hand. I think the blog is called "Meari's Musings". Hope that helps!

Karyn said...

Yeah, I figured framing would be expensive at Michaels seeing as how they give you a 60% off coupon every week. Thanks for the info, gals. I will have to start a frame hunt perhaps.

Eugene van Houtum said...

I Love It!!

I can't wait to see your next project!

Joysze said...

Congrats on the finish, Karyn!!! He looks SOOOOOOO awesome. :D It's no wonder your brother can't wait to hang him up.