March 2, 2011

Pan's Shadow Preview

My fabric finally arrived for Pan's Shadow. ♥ I instantly fell in love with this chart by Courtney Collection when my husband pointed it out. I think I will try to knock it out over the weekend. It's only 3728 stitches and one colour so I think I can manage if I take a quick break from Link.

The fabric is much more beautiful than the screen shot in the store. It is Cashel Linen by Picture This Plus. The colour is "Cabernet." I also picked up three skeins of DMC satin floss though I probably won't need that much. It will be my first time using satin floss so I hope it is easy to work with. =]


Aurelia Eglantine said...

Wow - that is a nifty/creepy chart that manages to remind me of the artwork I've seen for Brom's graphic novel retelling of Peter Pan, called The Child Thief. Just has that aura of darkness, but in a deliciously wicked way.

I'd never heard of the Courtney Collection before. I think that their Don Quixote is pretty awesome too. But then I've always had a soft spot for the whole 'tilting at windmills' thing :) Can't wait to see your stitching! The fabric looks lovely BTW - the colours are so rich.

Also: satin floss is made of synthetic rayon and it tends to be a little slippery so I personally try to darn it in a bit more firmly so the tails don't wiggle out :) And sometimes the strands come apart a bit, so I work it like metallics - in short lengths, with extra care. It has a lovely sheen!

Karyn said...

I am going to have to check out The Child Thief. I love Peter Pan and graphic novels. The art is quite beautiful.

And thank you for the advice on the thread! I'll remember to keep my lengths short.

Dawn said...

I love the linen colour!!
I love the hand dyed stuff-- I still have lots of cloth to stitch on that I recieved at christmas--just waiting for the perfect project.

Cibo said...

The fabric is really beautiful <3

And thanks for the Child-Thief-hint =)Creepy, but interesting.

EveningEmma said...

This is going to look fantastic!

I have stitched with satin floss before, and I didn't really like it. I couldn't get it to work well as a cross stitch, although I did enjoy back stitching with it.

Flossy said...

both the fabric and the chart are awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished :D

Flossy x

Jung said...

This is obviously going to look sick, already loving the picture.

Con Queso said...

Man, how crazy! good luck with this. At least it's one color.

Oliver Bliss said...

I love the image the figures are haunting