March 5, 2011

Oracle of Seasons Link Update II

Here is another update of Link after another week of stitching. The giant block of black was fun. >_> He is about 2/3 complete now so the next update should be him finished. I had to use a different camera because my Rebel XL went out of town. It's a PowerShot G10 and I am not liking it for taking photos of stitching.
Now with the house all to myself, I'm going to work on Pan's Shadow all day. It's not actually 3728 stitches like I posted earlier. That is only the regular cross stitch count. There are also 2465 petite stitches, bringing it to 6193 stitches total. -_-;


DocStout said...

It is really cool to see some of these more detailed and delicate pieces really come together. I love stitches as pixels as a concept, just great to see the projects go beyond 8-bit.

G said...

really good work...wish i had the patience to do stuff like this

Eugene van Houtum said...


I like your stuff,
You stitch Games, I stitch Movies/TV and Music.
I will follow your blog from now on!

Greetings Eugene

Blake said...

I take it you can draw aswell?

Freek said...

It looks really great, and especially detailed, even at a closer look. I love your combination of nerdy and cute. Bibs and stitching, who'd have thought of that.

Con Queso said...

It's coming along very nicely and quickly too!