February 6, 2011

An Unlikely Partnership Preview

I recently received the Jobelan fabric ordered for some upcoming projects and I love the colours. I'm excited to start working with them. The purple is "Wood Violet" for Valefor and the green is "Dusty Green" for Pokemon Trainer. I'm feeling experimental in my fabric colour choices this year. Also pictured are my new Gingher Stork scissors. ♥ I bought them after misplacing my Lion's Tail ones.  They have since been found but I am in love with my new ones.

And as the title of the post suggests, I have somewhat of a preview for the latest Sprite Stitch challenge. The theme is Unlikely Partnerships, a sort of anti-Valentine. There will be 44 colours in this piece stitched on 14 count baby pink aida. Another hint is that it will involve Card Gallery sprites! Now I'm off to watch Super Bowl XLV and start stitching. =]

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Ziggyeor said...

ohh everything sounds interesting and that's a lot of colors!