February 7, 2011

Tetris Attack: Lunge Fish

This one is a cautionary tale. I used three different brands of beads on this guy and they all melt at different rates. Perlers melt the fastest, then PhotoPearls, then Hama. Also PhotoPearls are a bit smaller and thus don't fuse together as seemlessly. The ironing is quite terrible; I was very rushed. >_> I may have to redo it as it has distorted quite a bit.

Lunge Fish is one of those things that is so ugly, it's kind of cute.  Lunge Fish is one of those things that reinforces my fear of water. o_0 I wonder who actually chooses to play as him in Tetris Attack?
Only three more of these bad boys to go and I'll go back to beading my favourite thing, Pokemon! Also I finished my Valentine stitch on Friday but am waiting to post it until the 14th. =] I didn't get much done yesterday on my Unlikely Partnership.


Con Queso said...

Very nice, I was thinking of getting into beading instead, but It seems a lot more messy to keep organized than x-stitching haha.

Jen said...

I wish all 3 companies were more better together then they are because the palette would be amazing.

Con Queso said...

Also, I hate lunge fish in Tetris attack. Ugly thing haha. No hatred for the work itself, it doesn't look bad.