February 19, 2011

Be My Jill and Vincent Valentine

This is my entry for the Sprite Stitch February Challenge: Unlikely Partnerships. These two came to my mind first for the exact reason that their last names are both...Valentine. Yeah, it's a little lame but I wanted to be far removed from the inevitable Mario/Zelda pairings. Plus, Jill would massacre Vincent if he appeared before her in one of his other forms, though he looks pretty creepy here. =] They make a very unlikely couple and I am pretty satisfied with my entry. Jill Valentine is from the Resident Evil series and Vincent Valentine is from Final Fantasy VII for those not in the know. Go play those games now. ♥
The sprites are from the Card Gallery; mad props to those wonderful artists. I haven't stitched a Card Gallery sprite since last summer so it was fun to revisit them. The letters are charted based on Redensek, my all time favourite font.

Be My Jill and Vincent Valentine
Sprites by Card Gallery
Started: February 6, 2011
Finished: February 16, 2011
Fabric: 14 count baby pink aida
Colours: 44
Size: 2020 stitches


Con Queso said...

LOL, I'm so slow. I was thinking "jill and Vincent? Why are they together...ooooh". Good stuff, I love the idea and the stitch came out great. Isn't it a pain to work with so many colors on such a small sprite? I dunno, it is for me right now. I think I need more practice/patience. Anyway, great stuff! Where do I go to learn more of these challenges you join in? I'd like to get some motivation to start new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Love it - really clever idea! And as usual, beautifully stitched ^^

riotpatch said...

Con Queso,
Doing lots of colours poses a different kind of challenge. I like going back and forth between lots of colours and a few. My current project is only 12. The biggest difference is the speed at which you finish. You would love spritestitch.com. The forums host all kinds of video game projects, but the challenges tend to be cross stitch. You should definitely join!

Jen said...

Awesome cross stitch.
Also, I noticed you are on Pixelgasm too and it says today is your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Con Queso said...

thanks, I'll definitely check out that website.

DocStout said...

Incredible work, and really clever idea! With so many people turning out art based on videogames, it really is creative bits like this that make someone's work stand out.

Karyn said...

Thanks for the comment, DocStout. It means a lot as I'm always looking to do things that haven't been done before. Thanks! =]