February 3, 2011

February 2011 TUSAL

Pretty colours this month. Lots of purple from Dark Toon Link, green from frogging hours of work on my Hogwarts Crest, and various bright colours from my Yoshi's Island Biscornu. I have three stitching projects planned for the rest of this month. One is a small Valentines card, the second is an "unlikely partnership" and the third is my Zelda charity square. Hopefully, I can finish all three before the 28th.
TUSAL jar contents: Hogwarts Crest, Psylocke, Dark Toon Link, Yoshi's Island Biscornu
TUSAL backdrop: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Flossy said...

that's a pretty full jar! lovely colours :)

riotpatch said...

No idea how it got so full! Hopefully it will settle over time or I'll need a bigger jar soon.

Ziggyeor said...

Nice work on the thread update. I love your Yoshi's Island Biscornu.

Daffycat said...


A lovely TU update!