April 30, 2012

Pokemon Trainer Update XIII

I did a lot of frogging on this section. At first I was going with PCStitch's output. Then I decided the colours weren't constrasting enough. Eventually I only ended up changing one colour. There is something extra frustrating about frogging a colour only to restitch it with the exact same colour. >_> Greens are the worst. 

One wing down, one to go. ♥
I decided against participating in the current Sprite Stitch challenge. 64x64 is just too small for the ideas I had in mind. However, in my search for sprites for the challenge I found something I really want to start next. It will be a monochrome SNES piece. =]


dulcinella said...

It's coming along great I think. As to the green, they do indeed are sometimes so similar. I always thought it was because I don't like green as much as violet or pink,I saw less tone differences:-)

tiffstitch said...

Excellent work! The wing looks great to me, and I'm sorry to hear of the frogging incident. New project, eh? I'll look forward to seeing that next. :)

Nicole Colbourne said...

Do you still have the pattern?