June 15, 2011

Over 9000 Giveaway Winner!

Giveaway time! I need to thank everyone again for making my blogging experience awesome by following and commenting on my various projects. Twelve peeps entered my draw for a small video game stitching made by me specifically for them. Blackmageheart gets two entries because she pimped out my blog for the giveaway. =]

I used this random number generator to determine the winner:
And said winner is:
She said that Itsuki from Fatal Frame II was her favourite video game character so I will get to work on making a pattern of him right away. It will actually be an interesting challenge for me seeing as how he is not a simple 8 or 16 bit sprite. Yuuna, I wish you a speedy recovery for your broken finger. Get well and back to crafting soon! ^_^ I hope you will like what I come up with! ♥

Giveaways are fun! If all goes well, I would like to do another in the future. Maybe when I get to 100 followers...? =]


Anne said...

Congrats Yuuna! Giveaways are fun to do! It'll be interesting to see how her character turns out!

the strangest charm said...

Hi there! I've just discovered your blog (but unfortunately missed your giveaway) and your creations are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing them! Excited to look through the rest of your posts and to see what you'll come up with next. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, Yuuna! You deserve to win and hope your finger heals up soon!
Looking forward to seeing the Itsuki you make, riotpatch - but I know it'll be awesome :D