October 6, 2010

Rozalin Update VI

Only one page left to go for my Rozalin project. This will likely be the last progress shot before completion. The stitch is approximately 10" tall and 9" wide. It's going to be fun finding a frame...
And I must confess I have a few WIPs going on at once. Normally I like to finish one thing before starting something else but alas! One is a bead project that keeps getting trampled upon by cats thus making it a bit of a disaster. The other is a stitch I unearthed today that I started back in February. It is a sprite by Orkimedes of Card Gallery fame. I'll post a progress shot when I have finished one of the characters. I will primarily be stitching that one at work so progress will be extremely slow.

Also, I recently gathered all the materials required for my next big project. And it is big. It is a pattern by the infamous Little Mojo that will celebrate my favourite book series of all time and a sexy new movie coming out November 19th. What could it be?!

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