October 7, 2010

Let the "Totally Useless Stitch Along" Commence!

Anything deemed "totally useless" is something I can get behind. The premise of this little project dubbed "TUSAL" is to collect stitching throw-aways, place them in a container and post a picture of said container every new moon. For me this will entail thread-ends only, not left over thread. More information on this madness can be found  here and here if you are interested in joining or whatnot.

Here is my contribution for the October 7, 2010 new moon. It consists solely of my Final Fantasy VI and Rozalin stitches. Purty. =]

By the way, taking photos of glass is the bane of my existence.


Dawn said...

Cool that you joined this!!
I was really curious how much scraps you can make in a year!! I plan on getting those clear balls for Christmas trees and filling them with floss ends. I have seen them and I think they are different and pretty!!

riotpatch said...

I'm excited to see how much I was previously throwing away. I might steal your xmas bulbs idea. =]