July 4, 2010

Past Sprite Stitch Challenges

I credit SpriteStitch.com for kick-starting my video game cross stitching. My first VG cross stitch was for a monthly challenge. This was my contribution for Work in Silhouette:
Somehow I won with an edited screen shot from Aladdin on SNES. =P

Next was Lyrics/Quotations:
I came in third with my Blue Shell Breakdown. The shells are from Mario Kart 64 and the lyrics are from the song "Breakdown" on Use Your Illusion II by Guns N' Roses. ♥

In February 2010, we had a Bookmark challenge:
My bookmark based on the Game Over screen from Kirby's Dreamland 3 on the SNES landed me fourth place.

I just finished my pattern for the next challenge, which will be "Video Game Alphabet". I chose to do my username and have one sprite for each letter. I will be starting the actual stitching shortly...

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