July 28, 2013

I was just resting my eyes.

I'm not dead! Having not posted for over a year, I decided to do one big post of everything I've done in the interim. I have a project lined up to start as soon as my fabric order comes in.

I stitched Arcanine for my gaming partner in crime:
Pokemon Black & White
Nintendo DS
Started and Finished: Summer 2012
Fabric: 28 count linen (white)
Colours: 10
Size: 3033 stitches

I stitched Leonardo for a birthday with the intention of doing all four turtles. It is not a project I will finish. There are other TMNT sprites I would rather stitch instead.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
Started and Finished: Fall 2012
Fabric: 28 count Jobelan (lambswool)
Colours: 12
Size: 948 stitches

This was the project I started immediately after finishing Pokemon Trainer. It became a UFO until I decided it would make a great xmas gift for my brother as it was our favourite game to play together. (Forgive the poor image quality; it was taken with my phone and not my DSLR.)
Rocky & Pocky
Pocky & Rocky
Started: June 2012
Finished: December 2012
Fabric: 14 count aida (ecru)
Colours: 12
Size: 4083 stitches

Finally, Abysswolf's Samus Aran:

Sprite by Abysswolf
Started: December 2012
Finished: February 2013
Fabric: 28 count Cashel (crystal mystic opalescent)
Colours: 35
Size: 4639 stitches


tiffstitch said...

Those are fantastic! I especially love Samus, beautifully stitched and love that fabric.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

WELCOME BACK!!!!! *throws confetti* I've missed you :) So happy you're back to blogging again Karyn! Wonderful stitching too, all of your finishes are lovely but the depth of shading in Arcanine and Samus is especially impressive ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you planning on coming back anytime soon? I miss your amazing blog posts and those amazing cross stitches ^_^

http://essaykings.me/ said...

I love Leo! He's so well done! The others are also very bright and colorful. I hope to see some more works by you. Arcanine is so funny:)
Amy Walter