December 11, 2011

Sprite Stitch September Swap II

I am about three months late in posting this but here it is. Sprite Stitch hosted another mini swap and my recipient had Kingdom Hearts listed as a favourite game. It was a good excuse to finally stitch something KH related. I made two small stitches which fit into magnets meant for wallet-sized photos. I just took a photo of the fabric as the magnet was just clear plastic. I used Abysswolf sprites because I based the project around the magnets and a lot of in-game sprites don't work well for the size. I made both Sora and Roxas as they are the two main protagonists because I couldn't choose. ♥
The photos are not the greatest, I apologize. I wanted to post what I received as well because it was awesome! Assassin's Creed is my new favourite game series, possibly my favourite of all time at this point. Lord Libidan made a manifesto of Abstergo Industries to go with the Assassin Brotherhood logo I had stitched earlier this year. It was very thoughtful and very clever. I haven't been able to get a good picture of it but he used glow in the dark floss to imitate Eagle Vision. So in the dark, the Assassin logo appears as well as "riotpatch" in Morse Code. Pretty genius. He also made two pins, one of Altair and one of Ezio. Definitely check out his other stuff here. He's great. =]

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