August 8, 2010


Final Fantasy X was my first FF title. I've played them all since and many other games in my favourite genre (JRPG) because of FFX. ♥ And Auron was in my party always. Unfortunately, I don't really like how this sprite turned out. I trusted PCStitch too much and it overdid the purple in place of grey. Oh well, just three letters left!
A is for Auron
Sprite by Card Gallery
Started: August 2, 2010
Finished: August 7, 2010
Colours: 20
Size: 1513


Trista-K said...

Hey~! This is Trista Katagata from the SpriteStitch forums. I have loved your series for your name. I love the sprites you've chosen - and they're all so clean looking!
I was wondering, how did you get all of these to look so nice and clean? What program did you do? Or did you choose to choose by hand?

riotpatch said...

I used PCStitch for all of them and used the colours it generated. I used to hand pick colours or at least compare them against PCStitch colours but this program is really good and I am rarely disappointed. Thanks for your comments!