July 28, 2013

I was just resting my eyes.

I'm not dead! Having not posted for over a year, I decided to do one big post of everything I've done in the interim. I have a project lined up to start as soon as my fabric order comes in.

I stitched Arcanine for my gaming partner in crime:
Pokemon Black & White
Nintendo DS
Started and Finished: Summer 2012
Fabric: 28 count linen (white)
Colours: 10
Size: 3033 stitches

I stitched Leonardo for a birthday with the intention of doing all four turtles. It is not a project I will finish. There are other TMNT sprites I would rather stitch instead.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
Started and Finished: Fall 2012
Fabric: 28 count Jobelan (lambswool)
Colours: 12
Size: 948 stitches

This was the project I started immediately after finishing Pokemon Trainer. It became a UFO until I decided it would make a great xmas gift for my brother as it was our favourite game to play together. (Forgive the poor image quality; it was taken with my phone and not my DSLR.)
Rocky & Pocky
Pocky & Rocky
Started: June 2012
Finished: December 2012
Fabric: 14 count aida (ecru)
Colours: 12
Size: 4083 stitches

Finally, Abysswolf's Samus Aran:

Sprite by Abysswolf
Started: December 2012
Finished: February 2013
Fabric: 28 count Cashel (crystal mystic opalescent)
Colours: 35
Size: 4639 stitches

May 6, 2012

Pokemon Trainer

I finally have my first finish of 2012, Abysswolf's Pokemon Trainer! It's the largest piece I've done as yet and I'm happy with it despite some frogging and recolouring along the way. ♥
Pokemon Trainer
Sprite by Abysswolf
Started: December 9, 2011
Finished: May 5, 2012
Fabric: 28 count Jobelan (dusty green)
Colours: 62
Size: 16397 stitches
Framed: 13"x18"

April 30, 2012

Pokemon Trainer Update XIII

I did a lot of frogging on this section. At first I was going with PCStitch's output. Then I decided the colours weren't constrasting enough. Eventually I only ended up changing one colour. There is something extra frustrating about frogging a colour only to restitch it with the exact same colour. >_> Greens are the worst. 

One wing down, one to go. ♥
I decided against participating in the current Sprite Stitch challenge. 64x64 is just too small for the ideas I had in mind. However, in my search for sprites for the challenge I found something I really want to start next. It will be a monochrome SNES piece. =]

April 24, 2012

April 2012 IHSW

Not too much hermitting for me this weekend but I stitched a good portion of Charizard's wing. The piece is over a foot tall now. ♥
I still haven't started the Sprite Stitch challenge for April-June. The size limit is only 64x64 which is very little space to work with. There's a lot of sprites I want to use but every pattern I make seems like there's too much going on in one area.

April 13, 2012

Pokemon Trainer & Wingless Charizard

It's been a long time since my last post. Replaying Mass Effect 2 and finishing Mass Effect 3 are my excuses. Only Charizard's wings are left to stitch and I'll have my first finish of the year. ♥
There is a new challenge up at Sprite Stitch and I think I will participate. I'm currently working on a few patterns. It's been awhile since I've done a challenge and part one is due at the end of April. I might have to put Trainer down until I finish the first part of the challenge. Cheers!